We expect your support for our Dairy Plant Global Grant Project 1639865




Local community at 9 villages of Çankaya district in Ankara, who can utilize their milk with very primitive ways and / or can not utilize at all, will be able to produce cheese and cream with modern techniques and hygiene conditions, and this will result in the development of the economy of the local community



It is aimed to provide an opportunity to Çankaya community develop their local economy by properly and efficiently utilizing milk in hygienic conditions, in contrary to the current primitive situation. Also, it is targeted to serve the consumers healthy cheese products manufactured in modern techniques. Moreover, conscious producers will be trained by experts. This need has been identified after researches made by the Karahasanlı, Akarlar, Evciler, Kömürcü, Tohumlar, Yayla Neighbourhood’s Agricultural Development Cooperative, hereinafter called CCAD Cooperative. Based on data provided by the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock, there are 6000-6200 certified cows. Also, based on the surveys, it has been noted that the biggest problem in the neighbourhood is selling the raw milk. Since the efficiency of producing cheese and butter is pretty low, the milk producers currently prefer selling their milk to a cheese – butter production facility with very low prices. So this Project excites the local people, so many villagers even six kilometres away from Çankaya, have already committed to sell their raw milk to the milk facility.










Milk type : Sheep, goat and cow
Amount of milk to be processed : 5000 Lt/day
Products : White cheese (classical type), Cream

With the extensions, the facility will be able to produce yoghurt, ayran (a local yoghurt drink) and even ice cream.



1st step : Preparing the required machine and equipment technical specifications.
2nd step : Collecting proposals from possible subcontractors (vendors and/or suppliers).
3rd step : Deciding on the subcontractor by constituted procurement committee.
4th step : Obtaining – placing of the equipment and machinery, and assembling them.
5th step : Ensuring the facility run efficiently.
6th step : Training the staff of the facility.
7th step : Running the facility using water by the trained staff, testing and final tuning,
8th step : Producing cheese by trained staff together with trainers, product packaging.
9th step : Placing the products on the market once, by trainers and trainees.





Managing of the project, assembling, control and running of the machinery, producing of the cheese will be realized by the committee members of host (Ankara Bahcelievler) Rotary Club. Training activities will be organized by CCAD Cooperative and the lecturers will be chosen by all partner Rotary Clubs. Running the milk facility, collecting milk and selling of the product will be under supervision of host RC, but will be performed by CCAD Cooperative. Machinery and equipment procurement and assembling will be guided by committee, whose chair is PP Necil BUYUKPAMUKCU. Educational organization will be supervised by a committee whose chair is PP Abdullah KÜREĞİBÜYÜK. Collecting milk and selling
the product topics will be under supervision of the committee whose chair is PP Kerim SEFER. And finally, accounting will be under supervision a committee, whose chair is PP and also founder of Ankara Bahcelievler RC, Irfan KANDEMIR, who is a professional very well known accountant.







Cengiz Kaya, +90 531 365 55 10 ckaya53@hotmail.com

Past President
Emre Ozturk, +90 533 593 24 33 emre.ozturk@anova.com.tr

Committee Chair
Abdullah Kuregibuyuk, +90 533 217 50 94 iremltd@ttmail.com